Tuesday, September 30, 2008

La locura

I went out Wednesday night, Friday night AND Saturday night last week. Whoa. It was all fun! Sunday night I went to the movies and saw Tropic Thunder in Spanish.

I met some Czech people who are going to play disc with me and I invited all of the Americans to come too. We are going to play tomorrow, rain or shine! Weeeeeeeeeeee

Happy :)

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rec.sports.disc said...

This is Sharon! I have read many of your posts. Two things: make no decisions based on fear: live life to the fullest! You have an amazing opportunity there. Use it. Make connections that last a lifetime and have fun. You are smart...no, brilliant. Make the most of every moment. You were soooo much fun on our team at Potlatch. I know you will get some great things out of this experience.