Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Llegamos ya

I'm finally in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I arrived last night around 7PM. The drive was long and beautiful. I felt anxious and excited.

Saying bye to my family and friends on Sunday morning was sad, like always. But once I left I began to feel enthusiastic about the upcoming adventure.

Sunday afternoon I got to Spokane and stayed with Julianne and Bjorn. They fed me and showed me around town. I even had a nice bed to sleep in that night.

Monday morning I got up, had a yummy breakfast prepared by Julianne and hit the road. It took about 10 hours to get to Jackson, but I saw beautiful scenery along the way and spirits were high.

Reaching my destination was exciting, as was seeing Katrina. We had a celebratory dinner of Thai food and local beers. The apartment is warm, but outside is cold.

Today I will set out and see the city, scope out possible job opportunities and see more outdoor beauty.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

El siguente capricho

I got home from my bike trip four weeks ago. The end was a whirlwind of transportation, traveling miles and miles to get home. I thought being home would be wonderful and great, but it feels the same as before I left. I am realizing that no amount of self discovery can make me want to stay here.

Over my birthday my parents, sister, Leon and I flew to Puerto Vallarta for a nice beachy vacation under the sun. It was lovely and warm. Laying by a pool and reading all day was great. But one week is definitely enough.

Thanksgiving is on Thursday, and then I am leaving again. Destination: Jackson Hole, WY. Return date is undetermined. I hope it is a long, long time from now. Why am I going to Jackson? No reason not to!