Tuesday, September 2, 2008

La pérdida

I've gotten lost about a thousand times since I arrived here, however today I have been able to find my way everywhere! To the bus, to school, and home from school! Woohoo! It is only like 2:15PM though... Hopefully I won't get lost anymore. It really sucks.

I took photos of my room, it is little! Take a look.

The view from outside of my door, walking into my bed room

cadiz sept12

Yep, that is a bunk bed!

cadiz sept13

My desk

cadiz sept14

Looking back from my desk toward the door

cadiz sept15

The view from my window, lots of laundry drying

cadiz sept18

And this is the ad that is at every bus stop

cadiz sept10


Megan Koznem said...

sarah you are in spain! cool. I like your room.

koznem said...

Yeah, I cried my first two days at Camp for my momma...

When I was 12

Dan Corry

koznem said...

lol I will tell him. I gave sheryl your blog too. Soon the whole senior center will be commenting on your spanish adventure!