Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fuera de temporada

Last off season I vowed to not travel as much, or at all, during the fall off season. Well, so much for that.

The spa officially closes on October 29, and stays closed until November 24. I am visiting 4 major cities between now and then.

Denver: to visit Mikey. Monica is flying in from D.C. and Jay is flying in from Seattle. It should be a fun little reunion.

San Francisco: Jon and I are flying to SF for his friend Brian's wedding. It is a black tie event. I need to buy some shoes, all I own are flip flops.

Seattle: Jon and I are driving to Seattle to see my family. He's never been to Seattle, so it will be fun. And then we're flying out of Seattle to see his family in...

Boston: Jon is from Boston and his family is still there. We will celebrate Thanksgiving with them this year.

The day after Thanksgiving we fly back to Seattle, then the following day we will drive back to Jackson.

So again, so much for not traveling.