Monday, October 6, 2008

El desconsuelo

Sundays always seem to put me in a bad mood. I did not do anything yesterday, I was doing pretty okay all day though. I cleaned, thought about school work but didn't really do any, just like in the States. I just hung out all day and did nothing, which is not a big deal... I used to do that in Seattle plenty. Here it makes me super depressed though. Maybe I'm just not doing so well today because I am bored and hungry. In any case, I am not happy and I don't like it.

I had one class so far today, I have another at 4:30PM and then I teach English to Adrián (super cute nine year old boy) after class for an hour. Tomorrow is a holiday in Cádiz, it is like... the Virgin of Rosario day, and that is the city's virgin so they close everything. Should be better than having economics and two literature classes, but still pretty boring. My class schedule is different every day, the only day I've memorized so far (after three weeks?) is Thursday. I have no class on Thursdays. I am getting so fat. I need to find something to cheer me up. I think I'm going to go make some coffee. I miss having lattes every day for my breakfast. I miss so many silly things about life in Seattle and UW. Soo many things...

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