Saturday, September 13, 2008

Disco Volador

I just got an email from the TD of this tournament October 31 - November 2, it is close to Barcelona. The email said I could play if I want, that they are adding more people from the waitlist (which I was on). I would absolutely LOVE to do this, it would be so incredible and fun. Two problems: the player fee is 125E and getting there would be very expensive too. I would probably want to leave on Thursday and return on Monday, so I would miss two classes in total, which is not a big deal at all. My main concern is the cost... I need some outside input, any advice?

I miss ultimate so so much!


One last thing... I had this group morale building event type thing today, it was fun. Afterward I went to the bazaar type place, street market, whatever. I bought two fake pashmina scarves and a fan :) I love them, 11E total. I feel very happy with my purchases, it was the first time I shopped. I didn't shop before because I wanted to really be certain of what I wanted and I was and I am very pleased!


koznem said...

I think if it were me i'd do it, think of it like a Hallowen/birthday present. Would you travel by yourself? is it safe?

Tronner said...

You must do this! It'll totally be an adventure into new parts of Spain and new experiences. Plus you'll get to play some ultimate!

You can wait to save money when you get older!

Rusty said...

I would definitely play. You gotta enjoy the experiences offered :)