Saturday, February 16, 2013

El alborotador

Coal is the younger of the two dogs. He is a troublemaker. His hobbies include, eating food off the counter, picking tissues out of the trash and terrorizing his older brother by putting Buck's entire head in his noisy mouth.

About a month ago we noticed that Coal's tags were gone. He had his collar on, but the two jiggly tags were no where to be found.

How curious, we thought. We even joked about Coal throwing his own tags away because he knows he is so naughty, he wouldn't want to be caught doing whatever bad thing he was doing!

So today when Jon sent me a text messaging saying, "You'll never guess where I found Coal's tags." I immediately said, "In the compost?" and I was right! Haha!

He's such a little stinker.

Sunday, February 10, 2013


My car is filthy from going all winter without washing it. But... who am I kidding? It hasn't been washed in probably two years.

Today I tried to take it to the only car wash I know of in the area. There was a line. I guess everyone's car is dirty in this sort of weather.

Waiting patiently behind three other cars, looking around, I noticed some sort of sticker on the door to the booth where the car wash attendant sits. It was an anti Obama and Biden sticker. I was not so much shocked as I was enraged. I could not and would not support a business that so blatantly displays their idiotic/misguided/erroneous political views. Why couldn't the business just present itself as politically neutral? Especially in this little pocket of Blue in a vastly Red state.

I really wanted a clean car...

But instead, I got out of line, I drove away with my car still covered in mud and sand. And that is how it will stay.