Thursday, September 4, 2008

Me quejo

There is so much I want to complain about but I've already complained to a few people and don't really need to vent anymore. Nutshell: school is stupid and I think the professors here are very elitist, which irritates me beyond belief.

I haven't really made any American friends yet, I've only really spent time with my host brothers and sister which I probably enjoy more than I would being friends with the other students anyway. But I still feel a void from not having made any friends in my group.

I went to sleep really early this evening because I was super tired but I woke up after a few hours because I had a bad dream... Now I might eat something little and sleep more. I have to get up a half hour early tomorrow because the group of year-long students has to go to a police station to get some kind of residency card in the morning.

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