Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Otro día

My host brother told me that I am the best at pronouncing Spanish out of all of the students they have had. And they've been hosting students for eight years. I asked him if he was lying and he said no and was very serious. So that made me feel good :)

My class right now is not very enjoyable. It is only for the first two weeks though, so 1.5 weeks more and I get to change. I have a class with only five people and the teacher, who I like, but the other students kind of blow at speaking Spanish. Like really bad... And I'm in the highest level that they offer for this program, so I feel like I should have a different group, or like they placed me really low because I am younger and have had less experience taking UW Spanish classes? I don't know the reason. But I am the most comfortable speaking in my class, I don't think I know as much vocabulary as some, but I'm better with the vocabulary that I do know. In this school here I feel like the teachers do not explain things very well... like the reasons for using certain tenses and stuff. In the states, at UW at least, all of my teachers have explained things extremely well, and some are from Spain, some are from other countries, whatever. I don't think it has to do with the country, I think it has to do with the school. And for this I am displeased. But I can hope that the classes at the university that start the week after next will be better.

Time to go to the beach, chau!


koznem said...

enjoy the beach. Kiki keeps sleeping on your bed. I think she misses you.

Sarah Koznek said...

I miss Kiki so much :( and Archie too