Friday, September 12, 2008

La facultad

Today was my last day in the Language school, it was a good day. I was much less irritated because I knew I wouldn't have to come back after today. My teacher for the most part was really nice and I think did his best. I still have some beef with certain things he did or said, but overall it was okay and good to review things.

At the end of the class he went around the table and said what he thought about the progress of the six people in the class. He told everyone the truth but not in a mean way. He told me that I know a lot about grammar but I need to not hesitate when I'm speaking because I know the stuff, I'm just sometimes afraid to use it. And then he told us what he thinks we all learned and he said to me something like, "You didn't really learn anything new." So at least he recognized that and probably understands my frustration.

I got my class list and schedule for the university classes and I think the schedule will be awesome. I will have my language class Mon/Wed for 1.5hr and all of the classes are like that. It will be great I think.

Tentatively my class schedule looks like...
Monday 11-1
Tuesday 11-2
Wednesday 9-2
Thursday 9-12
Friday 1030-130

However, if I choose to take only four classes with the program and one real university class, then it would be more like...
Monday 11-1
Tuesday 1230-2
Wednesday 9-2
Thursday 9-12
Friday 1030-12
and then another class that would be once a week for 3 hours. Wednesdays will be killer compared to the rest of the week, but I think I will be happy with this schedule :)

I think that is all of the news right now. Maybe some photos later, but right now I do not feel like dealing with that.

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