Tuesday, May 5, 2009

¡Sólo queda 22 días!

I have been thinking of making a list of useful facts about Spain, here are a few that occured to me today:

Raisins often still have a stem in Spain
Teachers wait until the very last minute to assign projects
Creepy old, shirtless men like to stand in the street while drinking beer at 3PM and tell me that I am guapísima as I walk by

So far that is all I can think of. Besides thinking about this list I have been trying to get homework done, lesson plan, go to class, and not freak out too much about the amount of stuff I have to do.

I was out of Cádiz last weekend in Venice and then Bibione for an ultimate tournament. In Venice I got to hang out with Megan and it was funnnn! And then I went to the tournament, where my (awesome) team won the spirit of the game award :). It was tons of fun. Photos will be posted someday, if I ever finish the stuff on the to-do list.

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