Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Where to start...

I left Cádiz one week ago. The last days in Spain were lots of fun but also kind of stressful. I had three exams on the day before my flight out of Cádiz so I didn't get a whole lot of time for goodbye parties or fun freetime. So I left Cádiz with a tearful goodbye to my host family and flew to Berlin. Once in Berlin my friend Sonia came and met me at the airport, we went to her friend Ben's house and drank Caipirinhas and hung out a bit. The following morning Sonia and I did a shopping tour of Berlin and went to a few fun cafes. The next day we biked all over Berlin and in the evening we tossed a frisbee with Ben and another girl, we also played some double disc and that was fun. Saturday morning the ultimate tournament started and I met my team. It was a three day tournament, I played with a women's team and we did not do very well. I still had a lot of fun though. I got to see some of my favorite people who I met at Paganello and I also met new friends. It was really sad saying goodbye to everyone, I don't know if I will get to see them again :( I really hope I do because they are great people and so fun.

After the tournament I went back to where I was staying and relaxed a bit, got my things together and organized my luggage. The next morning I got up and went to the train station and took a train to Prague, that is where I am now! :) My friend Lukas, who I met in Cádiz, came and picked me up at the train station in Prague and took me to his apartment. Then we had dinner and watched How I Met Your Mother for a few hours. This morning he went to work and I got up later and did laundry, cleaned a bit, showered, and then went to the grocery store. I will be here for like two weeks so I am not in a gigantic hurry to be a tourist. I will see some stuff tomorrow I think. On the weekend Lukas and I will go to the town where his mom lives and the village where his dad lives. Then the next weekend we will go to the eastern part of the Czech Republic to visit Alex, the other friend from Cádiz.

After Prague I will fly to Lisbon for Bar do Peixe (another tournament!) and I will get to see more people that I will be sad to say goodbye to. I must stay positive! Seattle in 23 days weeeeeeeeeeeeee!

I am excited to go back home but very sad to leave Europe... it is quite bittersweet.

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