Monday, April 20, 2009


I am back in Cádiz for a few days now. I have a field trip on Thursday to Sevilla with my History of Americas class, then Friday morning the school group goes to Granada for the weekend. So much traveling lately. After Granada I go to Venice and Bibione for a beach tournament. I am pretty excited about it because I will be playing with a really fun group of people: a team from Portugal. However, right now all I want to do is rest. I had to do some translation homework that was completely ridiculous and pointless. Now I think I will get in bed... I am so tired...

This past weekend in Madrid at the grass tournament was fun but I am pretty burned out so I was pretty low energy and kind of grumpy at times. I had to spend Sunday night in Sevilla because we got back to Madrid past 9:30PM and that is when the last train/bus leaves for Cádiz. It is always tough to not get to sleep in one's own bed... although the couch I stayed on in Sevilla was pretty comfy.

A really cool girl I met at Paganello told me today about a tournament in Berlin at the end of May and suggested we go together. I think it is a fabulous idea and have been reworking my summer travel plans to accommodate it; I think it will work nicely. Although I feel super stressed out about money lately. And super stressed about other stuff too, but that is more complicated.

It is definitely time for bed now.

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