Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This past weekend I went with some of the ultimate players from Sevilla to a tournament in Portugal. I took the train to Sevilla Friday afternoon and met up with the rest of the people who were to go to the tournament. We had a diverse group: three Americans (myself and two guys, Thad and Ryan), three Spaniards (two from Sevilla, Rafa and Alberto; one from Barcelona who was just a spectator for the weekend, Enric), and one Colombian (Camilo).

Friday we drove and drove and finally arrived in Palmela, a town just south of Lisbon. Saturday morning we got up at a decent hour and, since games didn´t start until 2PM, we all went to Lisbon to check out some touristy stuff. We spent just a few hours in Lisbon and then drove back south to the fields to start the frisbee fun.

I was the only girl on my team so I had the pleasure of playing every point of the entire tournament. I had a ton of fun and the weather was very pleasant as well. I love all of the ultimate players in Portugal, everyone is so cool and nice and fun to be around. My team was also lots of fun.

The first day we won only one game and the same the second day. The team we beat the first day ended up winning the entire tournament! Lástima. The party Saturday night was a bit boring, no dancing, just drinking and talking. After a few drinks that was good enough for me though. Having played all of the points the first day and getting up sort of early, I was tired.

On Sunday we played more ultimate and watched the final game and then packed up and drove back to Sevilla. I had to spend the night in Sevilla because we arrived around midnight and the last train or bus leaves at 9:30PM back to Cádiz. So I had to get up pretty early on Monday to take the train back to Cádiz so that I could make it to my class.

It was a good weekend and I think it was well worth the trip. I got to see my friends in Portugal and play ultimate on really nice grass. My leg is not happy but I am.

Doing touristy stuff

Ready to play

Looking silly with David

My team!

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