Thursday, March 19, 2009


For the third weekend in a row I got to play ultimate. This time it was in Valladolid, a 7.5 hour car ride north of Cádiz. We left Friday afternoon with five people in the car. I was lucky enough to get to sit in the middle seat the entire way there, minus the last 1.5 hr but on the way back I got to sit in the middle the ENTIRE time! Lucky me :)

Aside from the brutal car ride, it was a very fun weekend. I played with Frisbillanas, the team from Sevilla, but also some newcomers from Puerto Real (a suburb of Cádiz). We placed third out of the nine teams who were there.

We all stayed in these really cool little cottage-like houses called Casas Rurales. They were really cute and comfy and nice! The weather also treated us well and I came home a little morenita (tan).

Nora the Spanish cat is yelling at me to pay attention to her so I will end this post here!

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