Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I realize I have not posted here in quite a while, but that is mostly because nothing exciting has really happened. However, I think from now on I will be busy and doing exciting things until the end of the semester.

Carnaval started on Saturday. It has been a whirlwind of craziness filled with lots of drinking and lots of Spanish speaking. I have this entire week off from school so there really isn't much to do besides go out and party with the Spaniards. Here is a timeline of what I have been up to the last few days...

Saturday - I met up with my friend Lindsy who I met in December at the ultimate tournament I attended. She came to Cádiz with people from Granada to participate in the Carnaval celebration. We hung out a bit and I showed them around Cádiz and then I went home. At home I put my costume on and had some dinner, waited for Gema to get home from work, and then we went out. Gema and I met up with her cousin and his friends and drank in the street like everyone else. Then we went to a place called La Carpa, which is like a big discoteca that they set up only during this week. It is like a circus tent...sort of. We got home at 7:30AM Sunday morning.

Sunday - I slept until around 2PM. Eventually I got up and ate some food and took a shower, then Paqui and I went to pick up Gema from work and we went to watch some parade thing. It is called the Cabalgata... It was the most unorganized parade I have ever seen in my life. Ridiculous! It was very cold and windy and kind of miserable, but I'm glad we stayed to watch it. After the parade we went home, I ate dinner and got dressed to go out. I took the bus to meet up with Juan Antonio and Jesus and a group of their friends. Ended up staying out until like 5:30AM that day.

Monday - I stayed in Monday night. I played Dr. Mario and watched a movie on my computer. Regained some energy.

Tuesday - I went to the gym and then took a long walk by myself on the beach. It wasn't very sunny or warm but it was nice to get out of the house. That night I went out with Gema and her friend Chari. We ran into lots of their friends and a few of mine, chatted with people in the street, had beers, ate some junk food and then went to the other Carpa. There, we danced and had one more beer. The dancing was very fun, I like to dance. We left the Carpa at like 5AM, I think.

Wednesdady - Today I haven't done anything except eat toast and coffee and take a shower. My friend Jocelyn called me a while ago and I think I am going to get together with her to do some homework or something. She is fun and I am very glad to be getting out of the house to do something that isn't just drinking. Not sure if I will be going out again tonight, if Gema goes then I probably will too. She is the best host sister :) lots of fun

This weekend I get to play a bit of ultimate! Very exciting.

I miss home a lot, but try to not think about it too much. I miss my family so much!

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koznem said...

finally, more comments. kiki was sleeping on your bed yesterday. i miss you, hope you're having fun! PS more pictures!!