Wednesday, July 24, 2013


My sister, who you can read about here, is attending a small art school in Redmond, WA. She has a lot of legitimate complaints about her school, which makes me question my choice to attend a school that I know hardly anything about, and to pay them a lot of money to take their classes. Will it be worth it?

Megan and I both attended and graduated from the University of Washington in Seattle, WA. We both started school there immediately after high school, earned BAs and upon graduating thought we would get jobs, work, etc. But things didn't go so smoothly for either of us. Megan works hard but hates her job, and now she works part time and attends school. I work less hard, I've finally found a job I like, and I'm about to start attending school.

The only photo I could find from College.

It makes me think maybe I would have benefited from more guidance while I was in school the first time. But then again, I was very sure of myself and about the path I wanted to be on (read: stubborn). But that path ended the day I graduated from UW. No one wanted to give me a job that had anything to do with what I studied. And the reason I studied what I studied, was because I loved it. That doesn't easily translate into a real job.

It doesn't really matter, though. I grew as a person in college, and learned plenty. Now I get to do it again, on my own terms, and on my own dime. At least Jackson will soon have a Starbucks.


Megan said...

Is there a Starbucks yet?

Sarah Koznek said...

There is, but I haven't been yet