Sunday, June 16, 2013

Un día especial

I live in a beautiful place. I have mountains all around me, creeks and rivers abound, rocks to climb on, single track begging for the feel of my grippy tires... And when a day off comes around, we make every second count.

Big Holes Hiking, photo by Jonathan Cohen

Don't you love family photos? I do, when the family is half dogs. We hiked in the morning in the Big Holes, a five minute drive from our house. We identified wild flowers along the way. Jon is teaching me a lot. We have a wonderful book on the flora and fauna of the Rockies.

Teton River canoeing, photo by Jonathan Cohen

In the afternoon we decided to put the canoe in the Teton River and float for a bit. We paddled along for about an hour and a half during which we saw a beaver, a mama moose and two tiny baby moose, and a blue heron. We also saw some other birds, two that looked like a heron but were more golden. Maybe some sort of crane. I'm not a very good birder, but I'm getting better.

Baby moose, photo by Jonathan Cohen

In the evening we made homemade vegan pizzas with fresh arugula from the garden and morels that Jon foraged from the woods.

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Megan said...

All that sounds like it should be in a Disney movie. ;-)