Sunday, February 10, 2013


My car is filthy from going all winter without washing it. But... who am I kidding? It hasn't been washed in probably two years.

Today I tried to take it to the only car wash I know of in the area. There was a line. I guess everyone's car is dirty in this sort of weather.

Waiting patiently behind three other cars, looking around, I noticed some sort of sticker on the door to the booth where the car wash attendant sits. It was an anti Obama and Biden sticker. I was not so much shocked as I was enraged. I could not and would not support a business that so blatantly displays their idiotic/misguided/erroneous political views. Why couldn't the business just present itself as politically neutral? Especially in this little pocket of Blue in a vastly Red state.

I really wanted a clean car...

But instead, I got out of line, I drove away with my car still covered in mud and sand. And that is how it will stay.

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Megan said...

Make dad handwash it when he is over this weekend =)