Friday, August 31, 2012

El verano

My first summer in Jackson is almost over. I've done tons of new activities and bought some new toys. I've been rock climbing, mountain biking, canoeing, rafting, road biking, hiking, whitewater kayaking, and soon to have been backpacking.

I bought a mountain bike! I had never mountain biked before this summer and I absolutely love it. It's something Jon and I do together. We bring the dogs and go out for an hour or so before we have to go to work. It's perfect.

I am going to be purchasing a whitewater kayak soon. I went out with my boss one day on the river. I flipped over and it was awesome.

Jon and I have Monday and Tuesday off so we're going to do a little overnight backpacking trip in the Jedediah Smith Wilderness. It's convenient because it's only fifteen minutes from the house. The doggies get to come too since it is not part of the national park.

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