Wednesday, October 5, 2011

La lluvia

I have been lucky in many ways on this trip. Today was the first day I had to ride in the rain. Sure, it misted on me a bit in Washington and the fog in Oregon was almost like riding in the rain, but today it poured.

I didn't have to ride in the rain. I could have stayed in the apartment here in Venice Beach and stayed totally dry, warm and cozy. But what's the fun in that? Also, I was hungry.

I took my bike down to the street, wearing my rain coat and jeans (jeans were a terrible idea), and set out to the grocery store. I decided I would go to Whole Foods about three miles away. Why would I choose the sort of far away and most expensive grocery store around? I do not know. I found it with no problems, my fenders kept me from getting dirty water in my face and I bought lots of yummy fruit and yogurt... and two cookies. I have this insane cookie addiction.

After Whole Foods I spotted a farmers' market and decided to ride through and check it out. I bought some more fruit and then headed back to the apartment.

All in all I only cycled 7 miles, but the experience helped remind me how lucky I am to have had a rain-free trip all the way from Seattle to LA. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny again! Then, on Saturday or Sunday, I will head south to San Diego to meet Monica. Woo!

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