Tuesday, January 12, 2010

La postergación

In an attempt to procrastinate as much as possible I have decided to write in this lonely blog. Instead of reading for my linguistics classes, or getting ahead on my Russian homework, or exercising... I will write about all of the neat things I have been doing! At least that I did today.

This morning I got up really early for no apparent reason. I caught an early bus to UW and drank green tea. Then I went to class; Russian and then Syntax. After class I ran around the library like a crazy woman finding books for my Phonetics lab project thing. After I exhausted the resources in the library I went to meet my friend Jeanene in the HUB.

We left UW and drove to Fremont. She had heard of this sandwich place so we wanted to give it a try. It was awesome. I had a yummy salmon sandwich. I think I have to go back again soon because they have a grilled cheese and APPLE sandwich! How amazing does that sound? I personally love apple and cheese together. I am really excited to try it again sometime. The sandwich place is called Homegrown: http://www.eathomegrown.com/

After lunch we went to Jeanene's apartment to retrieve something she got for me in Turkey. It is this adorable little bowl that I will put jewelry in. It is blue with little painted things, I like it a lot. I got her something from Mexico, a little magnet with the Mexican Catholic type art. After the gift exchange I had the totally brilliant idea of going to the Theo Chocolate factory which is like two blocks away from where she lives in Fremont. I ate probably too much chocolate and bought two bars to take home. I will probably bring it to Everett to share with my mom and sister.

After the chocolate factory Jeanene dropped me off at home and I have been sitting here ever since, homeworking and not. I have spent much more time doing nothing than doing homework. Soon I will go to bed, until then maybe I can force myself to read some of these books that are staring at me... they have been staring at me for a week and a half...

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