Friday, August 29, 2008

En Route

I am sitting in the airport in Philly in a rocking chair! I finally found a place to get free wifi. There were some tears last night and this morning while saying goodbye to my parents and sister. My dad drove Betsy and I to the airport together because she had a flight to Baltimore right before my flight. It was also a tearful goodbye.

The flight from Seatac to Philly was surprisingly enjoyable. I sat by two pleasant old men, it was like being at work but on an airplane. I slept and watched part of a Val Kilmer movie. I hope my next flight is not too terrible. I want to sleep more so hopefully that will happen, though I am doubtful.

I flew out of Seatac at 6:30AM, I get to Madrid at 7:45AM, then I get to my final destinatino at 1:15PM. Veerrrryyyyy long day. The longest!

When will I get to play ultimate again??...

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